JOHN FALCONE is the founder of the Northside Boxing Gym. Although never having any formal boxing training nor official competition, John was an avid boxer and was inspired to open his own gym to train future prizefighters.


RICHARD 'HARDFACE' MASON is an assistant coach at the Northside Boxing Gym. A former professional cruiserweight champion, Mason has returned to the gym now as a coach after a recent retirement from the ring.   

DAVID CARLTON is a 21 year old amateur flyweight. David has fought in over forty amateur fights and won the 2011 US Men’s National Championships.

LINDA FALCONE is John Falcone’s wife and serves as the matriarch over the gym. Linda knows boxing history, but also offers the motherly wisdom that shapes the family atmosphere characteristic of the gym.

GIOVANNI FALCONE is John and Linda’s oldest son. He is the current head coach of the gym and also handles the majority of the business side of things. ‘G’ started boxing at the age of 3 and had a distinguished young amateur career.

LUCIANO FALCONE is John and Linda’s son and Giovanni’s younger brother. Like his father, he never fought officially in the ring, however he grew up with the sport and is the third coach along with his brother Giovanni and Richard.

CHRIS CROCKETT is a 25 year old amateur light-heavyweight. He has fought in fewer than twenty fights, however is seen as a promising fighter training at the gym.